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Anonymous asked:
Nude brogues (patent cream/peachy). What to wear them with? And don't say DON'T cuz I have them already :D I'm a girl, I don't wear jeans. It's a tricky one. Thanks!

I didn’t know they were called brogues, but now you informed me! :) I am not opposed to them, however they’re kind of interesting on girls (not that I’ve seen it too much). Anytime I see girls in oxford shoes, I think the best situation are some sort of specialty pants. Not jeans, leggings, or skirts; but something unique. I picture puffy/parachute shorts, olive green or taupe brown. Also could work with any dress that has a gorgeous, unique print. However, it can’t go past the knees because it ruins the concept and it looks clunky with a long dress. Also, wear them with shin-length, dainty socks with like lace on the top. Also, you can wear them with stockings that clip to your underwear and wear short-shorts. This was a challenging one, but you have options. Look up “ofxords for girls” and you’ll get a ton of ideas.